RADA Senior Managers

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Peter Thompson
Chief Executive Officer
Winston Simpson
Principal Director,Field Services/Operations
Marina Young
Principal Director, Technical Services
Winsome Phillips
Principal Director, Corporate Services
Mervyn Green
Zonal Director, Eastern Zone
Glenville Hall
Zonal Director,Western Zone
Celia Miles
Corporate Secretary
Edward Gaynor
Senior Director , Finance & Accounts
Beverly Darby-Collins
Senior Director, Social Services/Home Economics
Winston Shaw
Senior Director, Technology, Training and Technical Information
Jerome Moodie
Chief Internal Auditor
Vaughn Barnaby
Senior Director, Strategic Planning, Performance & Project Management
Collin Henry
Senior Director, Production, Marketing & Special Projects
Roslyn Jackson-Richards
Director, Strategic Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation
Bridgette Williams
Senior Director, Human Resource Management and Administration
Lennoy Prendergast
Director, Engineering Services
Owen Barrett
Manager, Information and Communication Technologies
Xavier Charvis
Manager, Production and Marketing (Acting)
Position Vacant
Director, Human Resource Development
Nickesha Aitkins
Training Manager (Acting)
Sonia Atkinson
Manager, Financial Accounts
Camille Beckford
Director, Communications and Public Relations
Everton Robinson
Manager, On-Farm Irrigation/Water Management Unit