Irish Potato Working Group Seminar

Featured Irish Potato Working Group Seminar

Loxley Waite, Agronomist and Co-ordinator National Irish Potato and Onion Programme delivering presentation on best practices in increasing irish potato production, Mavis Bank, St. Andrew.

In a deliberate effort to increase production and productivity of Irish Potato for the 2017/2018 crop season, the Rural Agricultural Development Authority has embarked on a series of public sensitization seminars to build farmers awareness and provide technical support for the upcoming planting season.

On September 5, 2017, Irish Potato Farmers within the Mavis Bank District were exposed to presentations (on crop care, land husbandry best practices, post harvesting and marketing strategies along with proper chemical uses) at a Working Group Seminar. This took place at the RADA Area Extension Office in Mavis Bank St. Andrew.

This district, originally poised as a seed producing area has made extensive strides in production during the 2016/2017 crop season and will focus on doubling productive efforts for both table and seed production. In a team effort of RADA technical support and the employment of best practices by farmers the general outlook is favourable to surpass satisfying the local demand of the tuber.

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