Collaboration for Technical Co-operation Project - RADA & Mexican Government

Featured Collaboration for Technical Co-operation Project - RADA & Mexican Government

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Visit of Mexican Ambassador to Jamaica embarking on a Technical Co-operation Project – From left, Mr. Winston Shaw – Senior Director for Technology, Training and Technical Information Division - RADA; Dr. Ignacio Sanchez-Cohen, Agricultural Engineer/Researcher – National Institute for Forestry Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Research in Mexico; Mrs. Martha Cecilia Jaber – Mexican Ambassador to Jamaica; Mr. Peter Thompson RADA's CEO (far right).

The Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) and the Mexican Government through the Mexican Agency for International Development Co-operation (AMEXCID)hosted a reception on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 in RADA's Conference Room.  This reception formalizes the collaboration and embarks on a Technical Co-operation Project with several components.

One of the components will analyse the watershed in terms of non-point source pollution using modelling approach with models as KINEROS2, SWAT or other distributed parameters model and to identify best management practices and/or water treatments to cope with polluted water use.

Dr. Ignacio Sanchez Cohen met with a technical team from Ministry Industry Commerce Agriculture and Fisheries (MICAF), National Environmental Planning Agency (NEPA), Water Resource Authority (WRA) and RADA.

Objectives of the visit:

a)      To better understand the productive system of rain fed and runoff agriculture in Jamaica

b)      Designing a preliminary project to fulfil the technological needs of farmers

c)      To set a technical platform for decision taking at different levels of impact: Political, Technical and Producers.

We look forward to this strategic partnership and the contributions that will be made towards national development.

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