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Featured Partnership for rural development
The Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University of Technology (UTECH) on Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at the President's Conference Room UTECH. This MOU has cemented the support towards rural development and has the aim of ultimately impacting the lives of farmers and farm families throughout Jamaica. Among the deliverables of the MOU is to work jointly in the development of a new course of study called Masters in Integrated Rural Development with main objectives to:

·         to increase the knowledge and technical skills of persons working in public and private sectors in areas that are intricately linked to rural development

·        develop a cadre of rural development specialists that caters for the special needs of Jamaica, the Caribbean and other developing countries

·         to keep practitioners abreast with new and evolving technologies for rural development

·         to promote rural entrepreneurship as the engine of growth for rural development

In addition both organizations intend to share expertise in research development, income generating projects, cooperative education among others.

With the focus on practical output and the technical capacity of the University of Technology, Mr. Peter Thompson, RADA Chief Executive Officer mentioned at the signing ceremony "this MOU is therefore timely and relevant. We look forward to this strategic partnership and the contributions that will be made towards national development."
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