Post Harvest Management: Callaloo

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Reaping should take place after spraying, only when recommended “Safe Period” has expired.

Short and tender stalks should only be reaped using a sharp knife to make clean cuts.

All damaged, worm infested, and old yellowing leaves should be removed.

Reaping should take place in the cool of the day (6-7:00 am. And 4-6:00 p.m.).


Callaloo is a highly perishable product which contains over 90% water. Care should therefore be taken to maintain freshness.

Freshly cut stalks should be immediately put in a bucket of water. Where buckets are not available the product can be placed in bundles in open crocus bags and sprinkled with water at regular intervals.

Harvested produce should be placed in cool, clean, ventilated area, away from environmental conditions (sun, rain, dust, smoke fumigants, etc.)

To market the product efficiently, it is important to keep the product cool at all times. Failing to do this will result in wilting and will make the product unmarketable.


For prolonged storage, stalk should be placed in plastic bags and stored at 3-5ºC or 37-40ºF with a relative humidity (RH) of 95%.


  • Travel in the cool of the day.
  • Cover with tarpaulin to protect against rain and sun.
  • Avoid overloading of vehicle.


Only chemicals approved for use must be applied as recommended. (See your RADA Extension Officers for information). No insects and/or chemical residue must be found on the leaves.

Each farmer's produce must remain separate, packaged and tagged separately in order to facilitate the “Track-Back” programme.