Post Harvest Tips

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1. Harvest only matured produce.

2. Proper harvesting / reaping techniques are essential e.g. in reaping fruits, use a technique which avoids them falling to the ground; do not damage the tubers with the fork or machete.

3. Reap in the cool of the day.

4. Do not throw the produce from one point to the other in the field.

5. Use appropriate field crates in removing the produce out of the field.

Solid black crates and sacks should not be used except for hard types of produce like melons and pumpkins. Fresh produce need ventilated containers in order to release heat and water vapour form the packages. Accumulation of these substances will result in rapid spoilage.

6. Place packaged produce awaiting transportation in the shade as increased temperature of the produce will cause spoilage.

7. Remember a poor transport medium results in bruising of the produce. Therefore reduce speed when driving on bumpy roads; cover the load especially the vegetables from the wind created by movement and from the effects of the sun and possible rain; pack the harder / firm types of the produce under the more delicate ones; and no one should sit on the load during its journey to the market place.