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WE INVITE YOU TO VISIT Take part in a unique Jamaican shopping experience at Agri Mart

OUR PROCESSED FOOD PRODUCTS are sourced from over 20 individual and group entrepreneurs and businesses across the island. Using Jamaican produce, they have provided the store with traditional, new and unique products that will dazzle your senses. A variety of local liqueurs, sauces, pickles, cassava products such as bammies, pancake mix and flour, pancake fruit syrups, jams, jellies and marmalades, chutneys, prune substitute, fruit cheeses, sweets, spices and seasoning, snacks, honey, coconut oil and more are now available at Agri Mart. We also stock the 'Cook-Up Jamaican Style' cookbook - an authority on preparing traditional and not so common Jamaican dishes.

OUR PLANTS will help you create a fruitful and attractive backyard. Agri Mart sells a wide range of fruit tree seedlings, including citrus, mango, breadfruit, otaheite apple, guava, june plum and many more. The store intends to stock vegetable seedlings soon. You will also find popular ornamental plants to decorate your home and garden. In addition, we sell garden utensils, flower pots, fertilizer, plant food and agricultural advice booklets to complement your plant purchases.

OUR CRAFTS AND HOUSEHOLD ITEMS will prove useful and enhance every corner of your home. We present kitchen, dining, bed, bathroom and other decorative items from our suppliers across the island.

OUR GIFT PACKAGES are arrangements of your favourite things at Agri Mart. You can purchase ready-made sets or design your own combination of foodstuff, plants, crafts and household items. They make ideal gifts and event souvenirs for visitors, friends and family or anyone wanting a slice of Jamaica.

Our Fruit Tree Seedlings:

Lime, Orange, Grapefruit, Mango:(East Indian, Julie, Nelson, Keith, Black Mango, Bombay), Breadfruit, Otaheite Apple, Garden Cherry, Guava, Sour Sop, Naseberry, June, Plum, Nutmeg, Lychee, Ackee

Coming soon:

Sweet Sop, Custard Apple, Jackfruit, Star Apple, Avocado, Plantain, Banana, Cashew, Tomato, Sweet pepper, Cabbage, Pak Cho

Contact us for more: 927-1204/ 468-9053/ 468-9051

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