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02 December

Production Incentive Programme 2019-2020 In High Gear

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The Production Incentive Programme has been established by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries and implemented through the Rural Agricultural Development Authority with the aim to increase and sustain agricultural production to meet market demand. The programme also seeks to protect the livelihood of rural farm families and positively impact national food security.

30 October


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The Mexican Government through the Mexican Agency for International Development Co-operation (AMEXCID) and the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) has collaborated on a Technical Co-operation Project which commenced in 2017. This Project allowed for the interchange of knowledge and expertise through training. The Project focused on four main components:

1.     GIS Training

2.     Waste management on small pig farms

3.     Watershed Assessment and Soil Erosion Models

4.     Water Management component

Handing – Over Ceremony for MD2 Pineapples

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RADA hosted the Handing-Over Ceremony for the MD2 Pineapples under the  2019-2020 Production Incentive Programme on Thursday, August 15, 2019 at the RADA St. Elizabeth Parish Office, Santa Cruz.

The 2019-2020 Production Incentive Programme is valued at $280M and targets the development of nine (9) policy crops to include: yam, ginger, dasheen, hot pepper, irish potatoes, onion, strawberry, pineapples and cassava. The programme is intended to benefit over 4000 farmers directly and indirectly.

Farmers, Get Registered Now

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Registration provides information on agricultural stakeholders (farmers, buyers, input suppliers, etc) as well as their activities and outputs in order to boost their capacity and competitiveness in agricultural. The main purpose for registering stakeholders is to establish and operate a database driven system to:

Management of Beet Armyworm

10 January

Managing Beet Army Worm

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Spodoptera exigua, also known as the beet armyworm is a destructive pest of onion and scallion in Jamaica. Since the 1990s, agricultural production in St. Elizabeth has suffered from several major outbreaks of the beet armyworm which have increased in pest activity, frequency and severity and so threaten the progress achieved by the initiatives for improving

Watch the video above to learn more.

Click here to download Beet Army Worm Manual